ROR is a global, community-led registry of open persistent identifiers for research organizations

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The Research Organization Registry (ROR) includes IDs and metadata for more than 107,000 organizations and counting. Registry data is CC0 and openly available via a search interface, REST API, and data dump. Registry updates are curated through a community process and released at least once a month.


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ROR is community-supported open infrastructure driven by organizations and individuals from around the world. Join the community to get involved in advisory groups, give feedback on future directions, and integrate ROR in your systems.


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California Digital Library, Crossref, and DataCite launched ROR in 2019 following extensive community collaborations to develop an open registry of research organization identifiers. ROR is the only organization identifier that is completely open, focused specifically on affiliations, operated as a community initiative, and supported in core scholarly infrastructure.


News and Updates

Announcing Version 2 of the ROR Schema and API!

Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of version 2 of the ROR schema and API! This new version of our schema and API will serve as a rock-solid foundation for everything ROR users want to accomplish now and in the future.

By ROR Core Team on April 15, 2024

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ROR's Fifth Anniversary: Highlights from the 2024 Annual Community Meeting

Every year since 2019, we’ve celebrated ROR’s anniversary at the same time we hold our annual community meeting, updating everyone on what ROR has accomplished in the last year and expressing our gratitude for the help of the ROR community.

By Amanda French on February 20, 2024

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Case Study: The Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative and ROR

Professor Cameron Neylon of Curtin University talks telephones, power outlets, chat services, persistent identifier education, federated versus centralized curation, providing actionable information to universities, and why the COKI Open Access Dashboard relies on ROR.

By Amanda French on January 17, 2024

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