ROR Resources Roundup

By Liz Krznarich | July 27, 2021

ROR adoption is ramping up, and we’ve been hard at work during the past few months creating resources (or should we say ROR-sources?!) to support those of you integrating ROR into your systems. We’re excited to share the following new resources with you:

Support site & code examples

ROR is all grown up and has its very own support site!

On this site you’ll find:

If you can’t find what you need or get stuck along the way, please post on the ROR Tech Support Google Group (formerly ROR API Users - we recently changed the name to make it clear that we welcome all sorts of tech questions/discussion).

This site is a work in progress, and we’ll be adding to it in the coming months. We welcome your feedback! If you notice an issue on a specific page, please use the Suggest Edits button to let us know. If you have more general suggestions, contact us at

Display guidelines

ROR IDs are intended to be primarily internal-facing, but earlier this year we heard from a few adopters in the community who were eager to feature ROR IDs in their user interfaces and asked us for recommendations. After several rounds of review and community input, we’re now happy to share the final version of the ROR Display Guidelines.

An important point to note is that ROR IDs are still considered primarily internal-facing, and displaying ROR IDs to end users is not ideal for many applications (and certainly not required). We recommend that you carefully consider whether displaying ROR IDs publicly adds value for your community. If so, then these new guidelines are for you!

Interactive integrations list

Curious about who’s using ROR and how they’re using it? Check out our updated integrations list, which includes more details than our previous list as well as options to sort and filter by integration type, status and other facets.

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