ROR Welcomes Three New Steering Group Members

By Maria Gould | April 11, 2022

ROR is excited to welcome three new Steering Group members: Lautaro Matas, Kathleen Shearer, and Chris Shillum.

Inaugurated in late 2019, the ROR Steering Group is an advisory body that supports the registry’s strategic planning and decision-making activities. Steering group members provide feedback on ROR strategy and help drive awareness and adoption of ROR IDs through their respective networks and communities. The Steering Group comprises ROR’s operating organizations (California Digital Library, Crossref, and DataCite), who serve in a permanent capacity, as well as members representing external organizations, who serve rotating terms of 2-4 years.

The new members of the ROR Steering Group join those who formed the original cohort announced at the end of 2019. One member of the original cohort, Ina Smith, has stepped down as of 2022 for personal reasons. The current list of members is as follows (new members in 2022 are identified with an asterisk):

In addition to the Steering Group, ROR engages community input and participation through other groups and channels. A larger community advisory group, which is open to anyone, meets bimonthly to discuss ROR activities, share implementations and integrations, and give feedback on upcoming work. ROR’s curation advisory board reviews proposed changes to ROR and maintains ROR’s curation policies and workflows. A publisher adoption working group brings together those working on or planning ROR integrations in publishing systems.

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