ROR Curation

ROR employs a centralized, community-based curation model to maintain the registry.

Community-based curation means:

  • Allowing anyone to suggest additions or updates to the registry
  • Leveraging knowledge and expertise from across the community in a scalable way
  • Promoting broad community ownership of open infrastructure
  • Centralizing curation decisions through a community-based curation board to ensure consistency and integrity of metadata and curation policies at scale across the entire registry

Use the ROR request form to suggest an update to an existing record in ROR or suggest that a new record be added.

Requests submitted via the feedback form go through an initial triage and are added to the ROR Updates tracker on Github for community curators to review. Curators review the feedback and decide how the proposed changes should be processed. Approved requests will be assigned to a future release and the records will go through a metadata preparation process before they are deployed on the ROR production site.

Learn more about the curation process and review ROR’s curation policies on Github.

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