The Research Organization Registry is a cross-organizational and multi-stakeholder collaboration. It is led by California Digital Library, Crossref, and DataCite, in conjunction with the ROR Steering Group, ROR project team, and ROR’s advisory and working groups.

CDL, Crossref, and DataCite are the governing organizations that share the overall responsibility for coordinating the activities of the Research Organization Registry. All three organizations provide input on decisions and overall strategy that support the growth and sustainability of ROR by engaging in outreach to funders, potential adopters, and stakeholders in their respective networks.

A shared memorandum of agreement signed by the governing organizations outlines the scope and nature of their involvement and responsibilities. The agreement also includes provisions for one or more governing organizations to exit the agreement and how ROR would be responsibly dissolved if there are no organizations available to take over its coordination.

ROR Structure

The following groups organize, implement, and participate in ROR activities. The project lead and main point of contact is Maria Gould, product manager at California Digital Library.

Operations Team

Comprising the directors from each governing organization plus the ROR Project Lead, this group is responsible for resourcing, decision-making, and general operations. 

Steering Group

Comprising the Operations Team plus additional members external to the governing organizations, this group provides input on decisions and overall strategy, and support for ROR’s growth and sustainability through outreach to funders, potential adopters, and other stakeholders in their respective networks. More details about the remit and composition of the ROR Steering Group can be found in the group’s terms of reference.

Current steering group representatives:

Project Team

Comprising representatives from each governing organization, this group is led by the ROR Project Lead and includes sub-groups focused on product development, outreach, and adoption. 

  • Geoffrey Bilder, Technical Advisor
  • Adam Buttrick, Metadata Curation Lead
  • Amanda French, Technical Community Manager
  • Maria Gould, Project Lead
  • Richard Hallett, DevOps support
  • Ginny Hendricks, Outreach support
  • Liz Krznarich, Technical Lead
  • Rachael Lammey, Outreach support
  • Paul Vierkant, Outreach support

Community Advisory Group

Comprising individuals from around the world representing a range of organization types, this is a voluntary group of users and stakeholders interested in adopting and championing ROR in their work and networks and who participate in regular meetings to discuss project updates and provide feedback. 

See the list of Advisory Group members.

Curation Advisory Board

Comprising ROR community members and Metadata Curation Lead Adam Buttrick, the Curation Advisory Board reviews suggested updates to the registry and advises on curation practices and standards for ROR to implement.

Current advisory board members:

  • Nick Lundvick, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Carly Robinson, OSTI/DOE
  • Arthur Smith, American Physical Society
  • Martin Spenger, LMU Munich
  • Kelly Stathis, Digital Research Alliance of Canada
  • Niklas Zimmer, University of Cape Town

Read more about ROR’s community-based curation process.

Business Model 

ROR is designed to be a free service with optional fee-based services to be provided in the future. ROR data is freely and openly available without any restrictions under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain dedication. ROR code is available on Github under a MIT License.

During its startup years (2019–2022) ROR relies on a mixed funding model and phased resourcing approach. Funding during this period comes from:

  • In-kind support from the ROR governing organizations
  • Contributions from supporting organizations
  • Grants (Institute for Museum and Library Services and the National Science Foundation).

Financial Administration

Day-to-day bookkeeping and accounts payable/receivable functions are administered by the Crossref accounting team on behalf of ROR. Crossref is responsible for holding all shared ROR funds in a designated bank account. Transactions are processed and tracked in a way that allows ROR to have full access and authority over its funds. The ROR Project lead is the primary point of contact for ROR funds management. Payment decisions require a unanimous vote from the ROR Operations Team. The Operations Team will share financial reports with the ROR Steering Group and will prepare an annual report to be available to the broader community.

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