ROR is community-supported and community-funded open infrastructure. It is a collaborative effort driven by multiple organizations and individuals.

The community-based aspect of ROR sets it apart from similar efforts in this space. With wide adoption and support across the scholarly research community, we ensure the long-term sustainability of open infrastructure for research organization identifiers.

Community support

Community support for ROR takes many forms, primarily through the following areas:

  • Operations and leadership: ROR is operated by California Digital Library, Crossref, and DataCite—three trusted organizations that each have deep expertise in developing open, sustainable, community-driven infrastructure for scholarly communications. 
  • Governance: The ROR steering group is a small advisory body that supports the registry’s strategic planning and decision-making activities. The ROR community advisory group is a larger, voluntary group of ROR users and stakeholders from around the world who work to adopt and champion ROR in their work and networks. Representing a range of organization types, group members participate in regular meetings to discuss project updates and provide feedback.
  • Adoption: Many organizations are integrating ROR IDs in their systems and using ROR data and services in different ways. The ROR adoption working group is an opportunity for those actively working on or planning ROR integrations to get support and share information about their implementations.
  • Curation: The ROR curation advisory board reviews proposed updates to the registry and advises on curation practices and standards for ROR to implement.
  • Funders: ROR is funded through partial in-kind support from its three operating organizations, time-limited grant funds, and contributions from community supporters.

Financial supporters

ROR is supported by the organizations listed below. Organizations that sign up to support ROR through the end of 2022 are recognized as Founding Supporters. Organizations that commit to supporting ROR on a recurring annual basis are indicated as sustaining supporters.

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