Persistent Identifiers


How ROR and the Open Funder Registry Overlap: A Closer Look at the Data

Following on the announcement that Crossref’s Open Funder Registry will be merging with ROR after 2024, we’d like to do a deep dive into the specifics of the evidence that ROR is ready to take on the important work that the Open Funder Registry has been doing: identifying research funders in a clean, consistent, comprehensive, and interoperable way.

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Open Funder Registry to Transition to ROR (cross-post)

Crossref has announced a long-term plan to deprecate the Open Funder Registry and merge it with ROR in order to make workflows more efficient for all concerned.

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A ROR-ing recap from PIDapalooza

In the days following the ROR community meeting in Dublin, we had a chance to spread the word about ROR in presentations at PIDapalooza, the annual festival for persistent identifiers.

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