Written tutorials

Read through structured lessons and practice exercises that will help you to understand and use ROR. See also the ROR technical documentation.

Introduction to the ROR API

Learn the elements in a ROR record and practice searching the ROR API in a browser using the ?query parameter of the ROR API.


Video tutorials

Watch tutorials, demos, and webinars, and panel presentations on ROR at the ROR Community YouTube channel. Here are some of the most useful and recent ROR video tutorials.

Intro to the ROR API - February 1, 2022

ROR Technical Community Manager Amanda French leads a session with more than 40 participants explaining the basics of the ROR API and how to use the ?query parameter to search the ROR registry as well as how to filter results by country and/or organization type.


How to clean up affiliation data with the ROR Reconciler

Geoffrey Bilder of Crossref explains how to use the Open Refine ROR Reconciler to clean text strings of organization names for author affiliations and match organization names to ROR IDs.


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